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Making your dress

An initial consultation is held at my Studio where we talk about your ideas and desires for your dress. We will then work through a carefully selected range of beautiful fabrics, lace and trimmings so I can create your design package.


Your design package includes: sketches of your dress, fabric swatches and a quotation. When you confirm your order, a 30% deposit of the total cost is required before the next step: the toile.

The Toile

The toile is a cotton mock-up made to your exact measurements; it is one of the most important stages in the making of your dress.


During fitting, the toile is moulded to ensure a perfect fit and allow for minor style adjustment.

It is from this toile that I will cut your luxury fabric; at this point the making of your bespoke dress is truly underway!

Finishing touches

I take your accessories into consideration at each fitting and we will discuss underwear choices, embellishment details and veils suited to you and your dress.

Fittings: a bespoke wedding dress can require up to four fittings, at the end of which you will have a unique and made to measure garment.

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